Noodle is here to help you identify some times when therapy could be important. 


Adjustment and change are normal and natural parts of life. Sometimes big changes can be hard to navigate alone. There's nothing wrong for asking for help or needing someone to talk to when you are trying to navigate new situations. 

Noodle needed help with some major adjustments after her first dramatic haircut! 


Do you sometimes feel like you are drowning in work? Responsibilities? Overcommitment? Therapy can be a great place to learn how to value yourself and set effective boundaries to avoid becoming overwhelmed and learning new skills to handle overwhelming situations. 

Sometimes Noodle finds herself in too deep and needs to ask for help.


Confusion is normal! Whether you're confused about work, gender, sexuality, relationships, etc., sometimes it can be really helpful to talk it out with a therapist while exploring personal values to feel less confused.

Sometimes Noodle feels confused when people walk past her without petting her. 


Being in relationships can be amazing and can be extremely challenging. Learning DBT interpersonal effectiveness skills can help you navigate challenging relationships while respecting yourself and the other person. 

Noodle could benefit from learning some interpersonal effectiveness skills to practice boundaries with her friends.


Most people aren't born with an abundance of confidence. It takes a lot of practice to build self esteem and gain self respect. Therapy can be a great place to learn your worth. 

Noodle likes to strike a sassy pose when feeling confident! 


Feelings can be confusing and sometimes hard to put a finger on. Maura and Noodle (through this trusty feeling chart) are dedicated to help you identify what you are feeling in a moment so you are able to modify negative thoughts and maladaptive behaviors. 

Check out all the things Noodle feels! 


Feel free to reach out to me by email or phone to set up your first appointment anytime!